Alkaline Water Filter

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Ozone Water Purifier
Household Pre-Filtration
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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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Filter cartridge
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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water filter cartridge is filled with the multifunctional mineral ball,mineralized filter,activating filter,alkaline filter,10'

We are specialized in manufacturing newly typed high-tech filter medium and products for purifying, activating and mineralizing water and air, such as tourmaline ceramic ball, water filter,water purifier, laundry ball, negative ion ceramic ball for car filter,negative potential reducing(ORP) ball,Far infrared ceramic ball,energy ceramic ball,chloride removal ball,mineral ball,bath germanium ball, bath radium ball, filter cartridge etc. With national patent, top quality, competitive price, our products are widely used for domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment.

 ceramic ball for

Main functions of ceramic ball:


1.Antibacterium function:

There are massive inorganic compound antibacterial ingredients on BONA healthy ceramic material interior and the surface, which are on highly active condition. When they contact with water at the moment, may produce massive OH and O free radicals that have greatly oxidized ability. When OH and O free radicals respond with organic matter, its oxidant function does not have selectivity. Through approaches of attacking bacterial cell membrane and destructing bacterial protein etc kill the bacterium and other microorganisms, various organic matter also may be decomposed by OH and O free radical.

After the healthy ceramic material tested by national building materials industry environmental monitor center, its bactericidal rate achieves 99.9% to golden staphylococcus and colibacillus in 24 hours.

2.Mineralize function:

When the mineral ingredient in its component contact water, under the activation of energy field it can be turned into the condition of very easy ionization, and can unceasingly dissolve out various microelement that is necessary for human body, such as K, Ca, Zn, Mg, Fe, etc. Due to the mineral ball will have the ion balanceable state in water dissolution, when the quota mineral ball and quota water exist, the continual dissolution of the mineral ball in the water will achieve a balanceable state and not dissolve out.

The mineral ball is tested by national inorganic salt product quality surveillance test center. It can dissolve out Ca: 14 u g; Mg: 9 u g; K: 16 u g; Fe: 38 u g; Zn: 17.5 u g; Selenium 1 u g; Strontium 1 u g and so on, many kinds of microelement which is beneficial for the health of human body health in 1 litre water, and can maintain this proportion to be invariable.

3.Activate water:

Ordinary drinking water (Fig.1) is complex macromolecule group water, and the angle between O-H key of the water is approximately 105°. When outside acts on it, the angle between them is easy to change. Because the ability that macromolecule group water participates in body biochemistry reaction, lipid metabolism is bad, even if this kind of water is too pure, it also cannot be commendably absorbed by the cells in human body, and the organism and the chromosome. At the same time, this kind of water with ring-like condensation structure is very easy to contain poisonous and harmful organic matter, which will harm the health of human body.

BONA healthy ceramic ball (BQ-KH, BQ-JKH) has strong ability of far infrared rays radiation, when the ordinary water contacts it at the instantaneous, the strong far infrared rays radiated by the product intensely shake to the molecular grouping structure, destroy and break its hydrogen bond. Then the macromolecule group bunch water become micro-molecule group water which only contains 5 ~ 6 small water molecule

After being activated treatment by BONA healthy ceramic ball, water keeps a glittering and translucent look and wonderful taste, owing to its unique molecular structure and activated index, and functions, for instance, strong penetrability, diffusive forces, the dissolving power, metabolism strength, toxicity elimination ability, as well as oxygen supply. Drinking active water can quickly adjust electrolyte balance of human body, quench thirst, and eliminate alcohol and fatness. At the same time also it can whet the appetite, aid digestion, and promotion metabolism.


4.Adjust PH value to alkline:

In the long process of life evolution, human body forms a relatively stable inner environment with the alkalescence. 7.04 is a general PH value of human being's body fluid, in a regular basis, in other words, human body could be under the most balance and healthy state when in the leaning alkalinity condition. Unfortunately, the unhealthy eating habits of modern people to massively take the high protein, high fat meta-acid food, which make human physique acidity easily, causing bodily function weaken, metabolism slowing down, each kind of metabolism waste uneasy to be discharged, the internal organs burden be aggravated, together wit some familiar behave of easily being wearily, getting angry, or got constipation, cold, even some chronic such as hypertension. On the contrary, when the human body is at the normal alkalescency condition, metabolism can be more active, the inner waste easily to be discharged, while the bodily immunity is also strong and people will not so easy to get sick.


To water, the determinant of its acidity and alkalescence is the content of mineral and microelement. We carried out acidity and alkalescence test to multifunctional ceramic ball. The test data of table 3 shows that, multifunction mineral ceramic ball can adjust PH value of tap water into leaning alkalinity, according to our acidity examine of it. With the increase of dosage and time lengthening, the alkalescence will be enhanced, until its summit of about 8.0.